"It's very young! Very delicate! Very delicious! 嘻嘻"


Significant sorketes 350 grams, 9 grams of Geely Ding (I am the kind of three grams. Tower should also), 60 grams of sugar (or increased or decrease according to preferences), 360 grams of milk, 3 grams of tea powder, 3 grams of tea powder, Vanilla pod Half root, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time consumption, advanced difficulty,

Practices for vanilla tat tea

1 tumping tea powder used to you, expensive but flavor. Use warm milk to homogenize the opening. Geely Dirty tablets are soft in cold water.

2 milk and sugar are in the pot, and then the sugar is dissolved, and the oil is poured into the light cream to cook it.

3 Put the gillynin tablets and stir evenly. Then a Half milk and tumping tea are uniform. A HALF in the pan is placed in parsley.

4 Mat tea is difficult to dissolve, only more sieved several times to achieve a delicate state.

5 Put the bottle first into a Half vanilla milk into the refrigerator. After solidification, then add a tea milk. Datual!


Oswegburg for light cream, you should have a rich taste with a blue windmill. I am in order to consume light cream. The vanilla seeds will be deposited under the bottom. If you want to be unpantaged, you have to give some milk slightly. Some of them, I am bored directly. Forgot to take a detail, leave a formula for yourself. Everyone can look at it. This amount is exactly 6 bottles of small bottle of small bottle.