"When you still use ice cream, vanity, a sweet coconut frozen has appeared in front of our eyes, thick coconut, sweet and cool, eat a taste of the summer, full of food, fast. Fast Talk, don't heat, hot, heat in the summer.


Animal coconut one, accessories Geely Triple 10g, granulated sugar 80g, coconut milk 150ml, milk 100ml, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Coconut frozen practice steps

1 After all materials are ready, Geilate is soft.

2 Coconut juice, you should use the coconut to make a hole, then pour out the coconut juice, but I really can't move, I have to solve it, first draw a circle with a kitchen knife in the coconut, then put the surroundings like a cut Cute some, then use the roots of the knife to pick you with the cup of the knife, until all the cut, pay attention to safety.

3 When you cut out the coconut juice, this is the consequence of the coconut. There will be a residue left when you leave the coconut shell. When you fall, you will fall down, put the residue below, the coconut Yes, take the water.

4 bubble soft gelatine, milk, coconut milk, coconut juice, sugar, turn into the milk pot, the small fire is opened, remember to stir more.

5 Pour the mixed mixture into the coconut shell, cover the cover, and the film is placed 2 hours, then put it into the refrigerator for 10 hours.

6 Refrigerated coconut freezes on mint leaves or decoration, or put some fruit, is it super simple, a cold coconut is frozen. Look at the coconut covered with white coconut, I want to bite a bit. Hey, I have been a long time, I have been enduring for aesthetics. Finally, you can get it.