"Summer eat this lychee jelly is too suitable!"


Ingredients lychee 200g, Geely Ding film moderate amount, excipient sose, sweet taste, frozen process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Litchi jelly practice steps

1 peel well, juice

2 Adjust the components of Geely Ding according to the amount of your own juice.(Probably 100ml juice with 5G-6G Geely Ding) Put the Geely Ding film into small pieces after pitting the ice water.

3 Add a little sugar in the juice, and then heat the soft Geely Ding slowly add it.When heating while heating, it is completely melted.

4 Finally poured into the mold or cup, put it in the cold film and put it into the refrigerator.


If it is a cup of 4 hours, you can eat it, but if you use the mold, in order to better shape, it is best to demold once.