"It is very suitable for cooling sweet sumes for hot summer, not only makes simple production, but also is also very high, and eat more, you can change the petals to fruit, you can match yogurt, mousse, different matching give you different Experience. Added lemon juice, more sour, one thing is similar to the taste of Schoni ~ I can't stop it. "


Main material mineral water 400 grams, 70 grams of white sugar, 20 grams of lemon juice, 15 grams of gelatine ,

Practice for crystal ice cream jelly cup

January quarter petals + green plant leaves in saline, anti-virus sterilization;

2 mineral water + white sugar put into a small pot that can be heated;

3 Small and small fire boiling hot fire on one side;

4 Geely Ding tablets in cold water;

5 cool to warm sugar is added to Geely dome to gelatinate melting;

6 Add lemon juice, stir well, put it on one side;

7 Drive the cool liquid into the mold, refrigerate to the refrigerator to slightly solidification;

8 Put petals and green plants, use the tooth fork to adjust the position, put the refrigerator and refrigerate overnight;

9 Take the refrigerated jelly blown hair dryer to blow a circle to release the surround mold, and you can eat the ice cream in the middle.

10 finished chart

11 finished chart


1. Lemon juice plus less uncertain, can not be added, just taste may not be added; 2. Plugging petals to be refrigerated, otherwise the petals will float on top; 3. When refrigerating the refrigerator, it must often Observing, the petals are added, otherwise it will be added after the petal will be added, and it will form traces when using the tooth fork, it is not good to see; if you accidentally refrigerate, you can blow it slightly with a hair dryer, add petals;