"The sang fruit eats alone, some is tired, change it. Try to do it with a little sang fruit, sauce, sweet and delicious, eat alone, tea, have a bread."


Main material mulberry fruit, accessories, old rock sugar, sour taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Mulberry fruit Sauce practice steps

1 Recently, there are many sang fruits, almost become snacks after a meal.

2 Pick a lot in the past few days ago.

3 Just pick it today, very fresh.

4 Pick out your finished fruit, after cleaning, cut it with a scissors to cut the jig, drain the water.

5 Sticked the mulberry fruit with a non-stick pan, stir-fry, stir-fry one side.

6 Try to crush a little, then knock the old rock sugar to the small piece, add old rock sugar to stir fry together in the pot. More flip after adding sugar, or you will be confused. It's okay to stick it. There are lemons in the family, you can also put a little lemon juice (taste the taste, too acid, just add a little sugar, too sweet, put a little lemon.)

7 Aquare Sauce jar, before sauce, hot water is disinfected, drained. Put the bottle of fruit sauce, put it in the bottle, then put the cake to cool down. (Inverted, it is conducive to the bottle extruded air)

8 After cooling, put it in the refrigerator.

9 After opening the bottle, I finished it.

10 tea drink, color is very good.