"Many people will make a throat, mainly to drink less water, let more drinking some moistening lungs, moisten into the soup water, doctors, doctors recommend rock sugar Sydney and Kimberry Lemon fruit sauce flush, try to drink a lot every day. Cup."


Main material kumquat 500 grams, 1 lemon, 100 grams of rock sugar, 70 grams of water, the amount of excipient salt, the original taste, boiled process, three times, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of kumquat lemon fruit sauce

1 Put the kumquat in the basin, add the water and the right amount of salt that have not passed the kumquat, and soak it for 10 minutes.

2 Lemon uses salt to wash the skin, first cut into thin slices, every piece is cut into 4 small pieces, the lemon seeds have to go, otherwise it will suffer.

3 kumquats cut the thickness of the knife, the seeds of the kumquat do not go.

4 Golden oranges and lemon slices are placed in a deep basin and add a broken rock sugar.

5 Marinate for more than 15 hours, this is a good look of kumquats and lemon, and the rock sugar is melted, and there is some glue after Kumquat softening.

6 Golden Noodles Lemon Add 70 grams of water into the bread machine, start the sauce program, let the bread machine yourself, can cover a piece of oil or tin paper on the bread bucket, prevent liquid splash during the production process of sauce.

7 Golden Lemon Fruit Sauce is done, it is already very thick, used to flush, so there is a lot of sauce to apply bread than usual.

8 Golden Rosewle Sauce After cooling, it was installed with sterilized glass bottles, covering the bottle cover, and put it in the refrigerator.


1. Be sure to add rock sugar, because the rock sugar is fired, do not replace it with white sugar. 2. There is no bakery that can be placed in a non-stick in a small fire.