"I bought a local small cherry, although the maturity is very high, but the head is small, the family is suspected of trouble, I will boil saute.800g to the nuclear cherry, add 300 grams of sugar, Half lemon, do finished products It is 400g. "


The main material removes cherry 800g, white sugar 300g, excipient lemon HALF, sour taste, boiled process, three times, simple difficulty,

Practices for cherry sauce

1800 g of nuclear cherries. The core is squeezed out, because the cherry maturity is high, the crowding is convenient than the elimination. In addition, the juice is easier to leach by extrusion.

2 Add 200 grams of white sugar, cover the fresh film into the refrigerator to cherry.

3 Pour the cherry of the leaching juice to pour the water into the pot. Here you remind everyone that you can't use Corning pot to cook fruit sauce! Because the temperature of the pot is too high, it is extremely easy.

4 There are a lot of floating foam on the back of the pot, and gently use a small spoon, don't bear it. Push it with a shovel.

5 In the process of my scorpion, Ignore stirring, I feel a little bit of a shovel, and immediately change the pot. Sure enough, there was ambiguuit in the bottom of the pot (the causal sauce was not so powerful, and it was later because the temperature of the pot bottom is slow, and it is more powerful. "

6 In exchangement, the stainless steel pan is much more effort, add 100 grams of white sugar, the gentle turning circle pushes the shovel.

7 When you see the fruit Sauce, you are squeezing into the Half lemon.

8 Because there is less sugar, it is very very viscous to cook until the flesh is very very visible. The hot water was boiled before boiling water, holding the cover, holding the cover.

9 sour sweet and delicious, bright color.