"When the Yunnan, Yunnan, Jianshui is still green, I am lazy, I didn't do it, put it a night, and the Plum suddenly became" Huang Xing ". If not, I really thought it was apricot. So, I've divided Plum into 3 copies of Sauce, 1 bubble Plum wine, and it is a Plumsauce Dafa. It is today, this Plumsauce, Plum Wine and Plumsauce Dafa should wait for Half Year. And a moonlight can be called. Plum is called the king of cool fruit, which contains a lot of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and a variety of inorganic salts, organic acids, and organic acids such as citric acid have an appetite and recovery. Physical strength, eliminating fatigue, etc. Promote the metabolism of skin cells, play the role of skin, hairdressing, thereby reaching the role of aging. Take the Plum into sauce, you can eat yourself in the four seasons, there is no preservatives, eat more and more. TWO every day Spoon Water Drink, appetizing to fatigue help sleep, fine water long flowing effect. "


Main material PLUM meat 780 grams, 1 amount of lemon juice, excipient white sugar is greater than 500 grams, 20 grams of salt, sour taste, sauce process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Plumsauce practice steps

11000 grams of Plum first flushed over and removes the floating dust of the surface;

2 Playing a salt and gently rubbing an hour, re-fooping cold water, can remove the impurities of the surface very clean;

3 Use the PLUM to detonate, leaving only the flesh, the flesh is re-weighted to 780 grams;

4 Prepare white sugar, fine sugar, crude sugar, cotton candy, rock sugar can, just there is a little dried lemon, I also used it;

5 White sugar I used 500 grams, this quantity is still a little bit of acid in the finished PLUMSAUCE, and it can increase the taste and add it to it.

6 Mix Plum meat and white sugar in a spoon; into Dongling JD08 bread machine, start "fruit sauce" procedure, time the default is 1 hour and 15 minutes; the remaining time is almost no tube, completely given the bread machine; Different brands have different settings, please adjust according to the actual situation; if hand-fried sauce, you need patience; use a small fire in the whole process to stir fry;

7 Squeeze the lemon juice to stand, lemon juice has the effect of brightening, preservation, and sterilization, if not, and eat sauce in a short time, no need to be successful; standing Sauce is getting thick, and color deeper When the completion time is about 10 minutes, the lemon juice in the fruit sauce continues;

8 This is the Plumsauce that is going to come out, the color is light, the color is bright;

9 When Sauce is Sauce, clean the jar of the fruit sauce, do not have any oil stains, including the cover and clean it; cook for 5 minutes in the clean water pot of the oilless star;

10 Remove the buckle control, don't take the kitchen paper towel or look at the clean cloth to wipe the inside, and there will be bacteria above, it will pollute the bottle;

11 Put on the anti-hot gloves, put the Plumsauce hot into the bottle, cover the lid, rest, so that the bottle is in a vacuum state, and keep it in the case of room temperature to reach the month; if there is no Hot cover, you can put the refrigerator for about 1 month, and dig it with a net spoon.

12plumsauce, sour appetizing, TWO spoon help sleep!


1. Plum appearance has small velvet, easy to hang dust, must be gently rub it or soak it with brine to remove clean; 2. Plum is very acid, so more sugar is more, the proportion can follow PLUM meat and sugar 1:07 The proportion of -1 is adjusted. If you are not allowed, you can taste it when Plumsauce is more thick, and the hot fruit sauce will be bitter than the cold fruit sauce.