"I have to eat the season of peach, the nearest peach is sweet, buy more, do some peach sauce, wipe it on the bread in the morning, beautiful"


Main material peaches, excipient lemon HALF, white sand sugar, sour taste, boiled process, three quadrators, simple difficulties,

Practices for sour sweet peach sauce

1 peach peel, cut into Ding.

2 Add an appropriate amount of white sugar, pick up an hour.

3 Add a small amount of water, put it into the pot, after the water is opened, change the small fire.

4 Started peaches become a little transparent, and the soup is relatively thick, squeezing into the Half lemon juice, then juice.

5 is placed in a bottle after cooling.

6 sour is sweet, you can eat it.


1. The size of the peach is chopped, according to the you like, I like the grain feelings, I have a big bit. 2. After doing a good refrigerator, you can store it longer 3. When you get juice, the soup has become thick.Don't have such a soup to disappear 4. White sugar is like a personal preference, the right amount is good