"Sauce doesn't buy it, you don't have to add healthier, Sauui make filling non-him. One to summer, all kinds of fruits are listed, and they can't help themselves when they are cheap, the biggest advantage is No chemical added, no pigment, preservatives, and color generators, etc.


Main material cherry 1000g, excipient white sugar, 2 spoons of lemon, salt, sour taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Cherry fruit sauce practice steps

1 Cherry picking back, to re-select it, remove bad fruit impurities, soak the Half hour in light salt water, can both play the effect, you can also see if there is any bug climbing out, always see a bug Report, it is not worried about it. Then remove it, and remove the clean water in repeated cleaning.

2 Choose a big and deep pot, because the process will go to the foreign soup, put the cherry of the controlled water into the pot, boil slowly, don't add water, cook for a while will come out soup .

3 You can see a small fire for a while, the cherries are slowly melted, and the soup will come out and continue to cook.

4 Cook until the cherry is basically broken, the soup is rich, you can clean the cherry seed.

5 With the glue, the cherry seed is used, and there is a pulp on the upper side, and it feels pity.

6 can also squeeze with a spoon, most of the plots can be leaked, this is a fine life that needs patience, cleaning up, clean up, and it is almost the same.

7 is so basic, pay attention to keep it with a shovel, avoid a palm!

8 Prepare an appropriate amount of sugar, how much white sugar depends on the personal favorite taste, need to add more sugar than a little bit of sweetness.

9 Pour the white sugar into the cherry sauce, pay attention to a small fire, pay attention to stir it with a shovel to avoid palm.

10 Squeeze the lemon juice, plus TW spoon salts can play a role in preservatives. Continue to make a small fire to stick to stick, turn off.

11 Microcapings in front of the preparation of good containers, cooling into the refrigerator, pay attention to sauce with a clean spoon when you eat.


1. Take the heat-loaded container to seal in the handled container, and put it into the refrigerator. 2, lemon juice is a natural sour agent, as well as antioxidant prolonging the role of the storage period, no fresh lemon can be replaced with lemon juice. 3, pay attention to take Sauce with a clean spoon every time you eat.