"Blueberry is very delicious, making sauce use more. To be honest, it is more bought, and there is a little acid."


Significant blueberry dry 1 catties, excipient water, appropriate amount of sugar, 1 bag of candy, sweet taste, fried process, three times, normal difficulty,

Blueberry Dried Fruit Sauce Steps

1 Blueberry dry.

2 Dry the blueberries to the meat grinder. This is because it is a blueberry, and it is difficult to spend more than meat.

3 The meat gritter is placed, continue to twisted, and they can't break again.

4 in the pot, put a plunger blueberry dry. add sugar. Cook, turn a small fire, stir while stirring.

5 Boiled blueberry dried water absorption and weak. I still want to add some tastes, add a bag of additives. It is a blueberry flavor of soft sugar.

6 Do a good pack. Refrigerate refrigeration. Wipe on the bread on the surface.


Doing so solves the problem of blueberry dryness. But it is still not delicate enough. 1. The amount of water and sugar can be cooked. 2, mix with silica gel, the pot is not easy. 3, just cooked blueberry sauce some acid, some seed particles can be eaten. Putting on TWO's mouth better.