"Autumn must be colorful, but it is also short. A red fruit can love the smart, do the results sauce, let autumn are all!"


Ingredients Apple, Hawthorn, Accessories Yellow rock sugar, water is appropriate, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Apple Hawthorn Fruit Sauce step

1 Required ingredients ready

2 hawthorn soak, clean and clean

3 take out fruit core fruit meat ready

4 apple peeled

5 in the pot into the water boil into the apple

6 put in hawthorn boiled

7 rock sugar knocking

8 mash with the shovel, turn a small fire

9 thick, turn into the fire, the juice, keep stirring, so as not to confuse

10 beautiful fruit sauce is not very attractive

11 Refrigerated storage in a disinfected container

12 I do it yourself, you need to eat as soon as possible.

13 finished graph.


1. Put an apple to sybolic, Apple as big as possible! 2. The process of 熬 离 离 离 人 人 人 停,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. The sweetness is based on your own taste, you can add your honey, but you must add it after sauce cool! 4. Can not be made with iron pots, the color is not beautiful!