"Blueberry season, you have some sauce without any additives, pure gelatin, wipe the bread or blueberry drink, delicious and peace of mind!"


Significant blueberry five pounds, accessories, rock sugar, 200g, sweet taste, skill technology, hours, advanced difficulty,

Homemade Blue Berry Sauce Practice Steps

1 Fresh blueberry flush control.

2 Add a rock sugar, and the amount of ice sugar will be happy with your own taste.

3 Crushed part of the blueberries at least the juice, open the fire to cook for ten minutes to turn a fire.

4 The fire does not stop stirring.

5 Container high temperature disinfection.

6 cook for an hour or more, to the viscous state.

7 put cool bottles.


Blueberry sauce does not add water, completely with blueberry itself.When you start, you must be chopped to make some juice and then fire.After the fire is fired, I fired for ten minutes, and I turned the fire slowly and stirred.It is better than the fried spoon with steamer.Use a rock sugar to stick with white sugar.After drying, you can freeze, thaw it when you eat.Less amount of refrigerated storage.