"Simple and easy sweet food, do not add any additives, and it is really absolute."


Significant strawberry 500 grams, excipient white sugar 150 grams,


Lemon Half, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Homemade Strawberry Sauce Practice Steps

1 Strawberry to wash it.

2 chopped, sharper, better.

3 Put the breadrel.

4 Add 150 grams of white sugar.

5 Stir well.

6 squeezing the lemon juice in the Half.

7 Put the bread bucket into the bread machine.

8 Cover tin paper so as not to splash.

9 Start the bread charm sauce function.

10 The process ends.

11 I feel a little thin, and put the fruit sauce into the casserole.

12 Burning, use the spoon to stir until the viscous gate.

13 finished chart, glass bottle refrigerated.