"The appetizer, there is no dot additive preservative, pure natural raw materials, good quality and low price, genuine goods, especially simple!"


Significant quantity of red fruit, the amount of coil white sugar, the amount of water, the sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Stuffed fruit step

1 Red fruit is washed clean.

2 Go to the nucleus.

3 I was digging out directly.

4 All handled.

5 Pour into the high pressure pot, pour the cotton candies, I put a bag, 380 grams.

6 Put the right amount of water.

7 After the fire is on the air, you can turn around, don't take long, it is easy to get soft.

8 After the pressure is pressed, stir well with porcelain spoon, stick sticky, like to eat flesh without need to use the cupping machine to make mud.

9 When you are cooling, put it in the glass box and save it.

10 can't eat, put in several glass boxes.

11 finished chart.

12 finished graph.


1. Can be cooked with a high pressure pot, turn off the fire, or use a boiled pot. 2. Don't like the sour taste and put more sugar. 3. If you use a spoon that you like to eat flesh, you can stir it, you can break it with a delicious machine.