"The gorgeous turn of the remaining bread, delicious and nutritious, simple and fast ~"


Significant toast 2 pieces, 1 egg, 150 grams of milk, 15 grams of white sugar, the amount of almond flakes, the amount of cranberry, sweet taste, roasted craft, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for cranberry bread pudding

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 Milk is placed in a microwave and heated for 30 seconds to warmth.

3 Take out the addition of white sugar and stir until the mellation of the sugar.

4 Put the egg into the milk liquid and mix well.

5 Bread cut into small pieces into the container that can be baked.

6 Pour the mixed egg milk into the container.

7 Sprinkle with cranberry and almonds.

8 put into the oven, bake 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, and the surface is colored.


Cranberry almond tablets can be replaced with others, the amount of sugar is adjusted according to the personal taste.