"The benefits of brown sugar are" temperature supplement, warm, warm and scattered ", that is, we are commonly known as temperature supplement. The glucose contains glucose release energy, high absorption and utilization, can quickly supplement physical strength."


Ingredients eggs Two, milk 250g, sugar 30 pieces, excipient brown sugar, sweet flavor, roasted process, one hour, ordinary difficulty,

Drawing of brown sugar pudding

1 weighing all materials.

2 milk pot is placed in sugar, add a little milk to heat up, and then pour the remaining milk.

3 The milk is poured into the scattered egg, and then the TWO will then pour into the mold.

4 Oven 180 degrees, about 35 minutes, no toothpick.

5 brown sugar add a little water to melt into red suedrals, and the leaglet is on the pudding.


Chemocyan is only a little bit of water.