"Pumpkin flavodion? The fragrance of fruit and vegetables is completed with the milk fragrance of eggs, it is a very good little dessert ~ This recipe is provided by special food people [monkey love food], authorized to use."


Significant pumpkin 100-150 grams, 130 grams of milk, 2 eggs, excipient fine sugar amount, sweet taste, steam process, three times when consumption, simple difficulty,

Pumpkin milk pudding practice steps

1 After we let the steamed pumpkin, wear a disposable glove, pinch it into a mud spare.

2 Then we pour milk and fine sugar into the basin and mix evenly with manual egg.

3 Then we also add pumpkin mud to it, and mix well with eggbeater.

4 After mixing, we add TWO eggs and continue to mix uniform with manual eggs.

5 After all materials are mixed, we filter with the net screen. I filtered three times, so the pudding fluid like this is more delicate, and the final taste will be more delicious.

6 Filtering a good pudding liquid, we discharge it into the pudding bottle, the pudding bottle must be high temperature. If there is no pincered bottle. You can also put it in other high-temperature containers! At this point, the DAOGRS S8 steam oven is preheated to 150 degrees.

7 Pudding Bottle Remember to wrap the tin paper, the oven is preheated, sent to the middle layer of the DAOGRS S8 steaming oven, with pure steam, 110 degrees, steam for about 35 minutes!

8 finished products, do a good job in the refrigerator, the taste is better!