"Strawberry has a lungs, spleen, cooling, heat, diuretic, thirst effect, the peel of dragon fruit contains very precious nutrients - anthocyanins, anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant, strong More than 10 times more carotenoid, and can save activity in human blood for 75 hours. Anthocyanin maintains the health of the human body from many ways, bringing us a variety of benefits. Fun Dragon fruit skin + strawberry sauce, original: Beauty Natural pudding! Powder, cute nickncan non-stick Kitty mold, material: heavy carbon steel, can make cakes and jelly for the owner, easy to remove the film! "


INDUSTRIAL Siki 30g, strawberry saute80g, thick yoghurt 100g, milk 100g, gelatin 10g, excipient white sugar 10g, sweet taste, frozen process, hour time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for strawberry sauce pudding

1 Geely Ding film cut into small segments, soak it with cold water, put it on refrigerator.

2 Peel down the skin of the floral fruit skin, cut the peel into small pieces.

3 Mix strawberry sauce and peel.

4 All put the cooking machine, add 50 grams of milk, stir into the mud.

5 Pour 50 grams of milk and 10 grams of white sugar into the bowl, heat the water to completely melt.

6 Take milk to cool to about 50 degrees, add soft greene (squeeze water), stir until complete melting.

7 yogurt and milk solution are in the large pot, mix with hand and mix well.

8 Add to the raspberry puree.

9 After stirring is evenly, it will become a pudding (I have never been sieved, if the sieve, the taste is relatively smooth).

10 Put the pudding liquid into the kitchen non-stick Kitty mold (the mold is placed on a bowl, just holding the balance position).

11 Cove with a plastic film and seal. Put the refrigerator for more than 2 hours. If you want to solidify as soon as possible, you can put the frozen layer for about 15-20 minutes.

12 Removal of the solid pudding, is demolded.


1, Geely Ding film cut into small segments, soak it with cold water, put it on refrigerator; .