Ingredients 10 grams, turtle paste powder, milk 250 ml, excipient white sugar amount, water amount, original taste, freezing process, hour time, simple difficulty,

Turtle cream milk pudding step

1 Ingredients: Geely Ding, milk, turtle paste powder.

2 Turtle cream powder plus a small amount of cold water is stirred into a paste.

3 Add a certain proportion of boiling water, while adding and stirring the water and the turtle paste and paste, boil, stir, stir, boil, add white sugar, stir uniform.

4 Put the turtle cream into the pudding bottle, the amount is a HALF of the bottle, place it for a while, let it solidify.

5 Geely Ding tablets soft water.

6 Geely Dirty water drain.

7 insulation water is stirred so geely.

8 Eliminating Geely Dirty is mixed with milk.

9 Turtle paste is solidified, pour the pudding water into the pudding bottle.

10 Put it into the refrigerator to retrore the pudding solidification.

11 finished products.