"Pink is popular. Looking at this pink wind for a long time, then he received a pink eggbeater and this pink Kati cat cake mold. Scholars' mold is really good, this 6-inch heavy carbon steel cat The head is very satisfactory in the hands, it is very uniform and delicate, and the feel is very good. But I can't help but say sorry. I don't love the powder, a pink girl in the world. Heart, just there is no passport. However, there is so many guys who are very unathening in pink. This cute hellokitty is worthy of them. Such a pink and cute hellokitty, you can get some What? Go to the cute little princess. It is too late, it is better to come to the simplest milk pudding, and it will be released on the night. The next morning can be demolded. However, simple milk Pudding has not exempted some monotonous, not as good as Waiting a rose milk pudding. Don't use the juice in the rose sauce, because the amount of milk is to be deducted. When the rose petals are put into the milk liquid, suddenly, the rose petals will be sinking, so many rose petals, final buckle Come out, probably a flower face cat. When the mold is installed, it is found that the nose of the Katie cat is too high. In order to keep the liquid level, you have to look at the low end pad. The next day Remove Hellokitty, the surface faintly revealed a few silk rose petals, be careful to pull the edge, and the kitty cat is buckled out, and the front is smooth, but it is a flower face cat, fluttering rose fragrance .. "


300 grams of milk, 15 grams of Geely Dirt, 30 grams of white sugar, accessories rose sauce25 grams, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Type cat rose milk pudding steps

1 Number: 300 grams of milk, 15 grams of Geely Dirt, 30 grams of white sugar, rose sauce25 gram.

2 Slices Geely Dirty sheets in ice water.

3 remove, squeeze water, spare.

4 White sugar is added to milk.

5 Put the microwave, heating for about 1 minute until warmth, remove, stir it to sugar solubility.

6 Add Geely Slices, stir until complete melting.

7 Add Rose Sauce.

8 Stir well.

9 Pour into the mold.

10 Gently discharge the rose petals.

11 With a drawer pad, take a corner of the ear and put it in the refrigerator for one night.

12 Remove after solidification.

13 Soldn.


The amount of sugar can be increased as appropriate according to their own taste. There is too much about the rose petals, and you can adjust it according to your preference.