"Toast, the taste of the toast is crunchy, fragrant, the following eggs are tender, slippery, sweet and delicious, listen to it is a bit of water, come, weDo it together. "


Substant eggs, 3 pieces of toast, 200 grams of milk, 20 grams of sugar, the amount of raisins, sweet taste, baking process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Toast egg pudding practice steps

1 Turning first, then cut the strip, finally cut into small pieces, about a square sugar is so big.

2 Place the eggs, milk and white sugar, stir well.

3 Some raisins are sprinkled on the baking tray.

4 Put the toast block in the baking tray.

5 Pour the milk mixture into the baking tray.

6 Sprinkle some raisins.

7 Oven preheat, up and down fire, 180 degrees, roast 15 minutes.


The above toast is slightly roasting, so crunchy, eat can be fragrant.