"Pudding is English translation. If the translation of Chinese is used for milk, it is a kind of food that coagulates the slurry into a solid food. Slipping in the mouth, extremely delicate, very popular. And Watermelon It is the most fruitful fruit, remember to go to the university, Tianshi is hot, there is no air conditioner in the bedroom, we hold the Half watermelon, dig it with a spoon, it is a good way to cool, now Integrate watermelon and pudding, isn't this summer? "


Significant light cream 160 grams, 40 grams of watermelon juice, 60 grams of milk, 6 grams of Geely Ding, 30 grams of cotton candy, sweet taste, baking process, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Watermelon pudding practice steps

1 Watermelon juicer, the amount of juice calculated here, Geely Ding film is soft with floral water.

2 奶 油 油 油 奶 3................................

3 mixed pudding fluid poured into the mold.

4 put the mold flat, which is the same thickness.

5 Ground plastic wrap or tin foil is sent to the refrigerator to refrigerate to solidify, about 3 hours or more.

6 After the solidification, take it out, blow it with a hair dryer to blow it around the mold, and successfully release it.


Cotton candies can be replaced with sugar, and the purpose is to increase the taste of the pudding. Don't blow too long when it is released, otherwise the pudding is easy to make.