"In order to live more color, more different attempts!"


Main product crystal powder 250g, sugar 150g, water 750g, Jinma orange juice beverage concentrating slurry 100g, excipients, sweet taste, steam process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Crystal love pudding practice steps

1 Take a look at the authentic, is it very attractive

2 ready for ingredients

3 Pour to 250G crystal flour in the big market

4 Add 150g sugar

5 plus 750G water

6 Join 150g Jinma Orange Juice Drink Springs

7 is evenly stirred, forming a slurry

8 Titani in the mold into the mold

9 Join the effects of nobles or your favorite

10 Cover the slurry on the fruits, to the almost full cup

11 Put the steamed bow, no steamer can be replaced with steamer, steaming water

12 waiting for 15 minutes

13 finished products, let go, let's cool, a delicious crystal love is good!