"Pudding is a lot of practices, steamed, grilled, frozen, different practices have different taste and advantages. The frozen pudding is the simplest and successful success rate, stirring and stirring the refrigerator."


Ingredients 7.8g, milk 250ml, fine sugar 26g, accessories, tea powder 6g, sweet taste, frozen process, hour time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice step

1 Geely Dirty plate cuts, soft with ice.

2 Milk and fine sugar cook with milk pots to a micro boiling.

3 Meadow powder is sieved into the bowl, first add a little hot milk to the no-particle state.

4 Pour the remaining milk and mix.

5 Put the soft Geely plum, stir until melt.

6 Pudding sieves.

7 Load the Pudding Cup.

8 Refrigerator is refrigerated for 4 hours.

9 is demolded.

10 tube tea cloth completed, opened.


/ Geely Dink / 1, Geely Ding also known as gelatin or fish glue. It is a glue extracted from the bones of the animal, the main component is protein. Widely used in Mousse Cake, jelly production. 2, Geely Ding is divided into flakes and powdery, which is Geely Ding or Geely Powder, the TWO species of Geely Ding needs to be bubbled before it can be used. 3. The proportion of Geely Dishi powder and water is 1: 3 (Example: 5g Geely Ding powder, 15g water) / brown tea powder / video is used in the bronze powder, and the small partner allowed to use 50 bells. Good broth powder, color is green, natural, dry powder, there will be a little faint seaweed in addition to tea inception. / Sieve / mourned tea powder, it needs to be sieved for 1 ~ 2 times, otherwise it is easy to cake. If there is still a cake, there is still a cake, and the liquid can be sieved. The pudding liquid is normal, which is normal, basically no effect on the taste.