"Pink is a unbluten-free powder, which is used as a dry lotus root, often used as a thickening agent in neutral and Japanese cuisine. In addition, it is also a long-awaited traditional nourishing food. There must be a certain medicine, and it is easy to eat after the food, it can be eaten, and it is delicious, the taste is delicious, and the famous nutritionist Fan Zhihong is more favored to the ingredients, often in her The figure of the population of the population is seen in the nutrition article. "


Significant rice 60 grams, 150 grams of milk (or water), 35 grams of bananas, 10 grams of accessories, 20 grams of dungeon, sweet flavor, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for fruit rice pudding

1 ingredients: 50 grams of cooked rice 250 grams of milk or water 150 grams of floral fruit 10 grams of banana 35 grams of flour 20 grams of cooking method: cooking reference month: 12M + operation time: 10 minutes.

2 ripe rice (millet rice 2 meters), milk, fruits are mud together. TIPS: Fruits In addition to bananas, dragon fruit, you can also replace other fruits.

3 Use a little muddy to pamperize.

4 粉 全 开, put it.

5 The remaining mud is poured into the pot and heated to the bubbling.

6 粉 糊 pour, heat and stir.

7 is pasted when it is viscous.

8 Pour into the mold, put the refrigerator HALF hourly refrigerated mold release.

9 There is a pudding made of a flour, which is released, and it can be placed in room temperature and then eat, and it will not melt, and will not cause the gastric burden on the stomach.

10 caught in the hands soft and chew, I remember that the parents took care next to it.