"I have made a lot of food supplements. I have learned the more and more deep and deep, and I have developed more Pink to eat. This time I use milk (formula) and the flour. It is a unlucketable powder, which is used as a dry lotus root. It is often used as a thickener in the Chinese dish and Japanese cuisine. In addition, it is also a long-awaited traditional nourishing food. Pharmacy, and it is easy to eat for food, it can be eaten, the taste is delicious, the taste is delicious, and the famous nutritionist Fan Zhihong is also preferred to prefers this ingredients, often can nutrition in her I saw the figure of the powder in the article. "


Ingredients milk 200ml (or water), 1 gram of plaque, 3 grams of sugar, 1 gram of excipient purple potato powder (no), original taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of patch pudding

1 Milk or water 200ml 粉 15 grams of sugar 3 grams of purple potato powder 1 gram (no) method: cooking reference month: 12M + operation time: 5 minutes.

2 a little milk poured into the flour, and pamped into the root. TIPS: Pink can be replaced with horseshoe powder.

3 The remaining milk is boiled in the pan, sugar and purple potato powder are added, stir well, and stir it while heating. Tips: purple potato powder

4 After boiling, poured into the open powder, stir again.

5 is slightly thick.

6 Pour into the mold, refrigerator refrigerated HALF hours.

7 Soft softness, but not, the baby can directly grasp the taste of eating simple ingredients to make the baby, the steps are also very simple.


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