"Marshmallows and milk can make delicious small pudding, do you want to try it?"


Master milk 250 ml, excipient cotton candy 120 grams, sweet taste, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Pattern of cotton candy pudding

Pour in milk in 1 pot.

Put the pink cotton candy in the 2 pot.

3 Put the cotton candy and milk in the pot.

4 Cook until the cotton candy is completely melted.

5 Boiled mixture is sieved, pour into the cup.

There will be some small air bubbles in 6 cups, and the bubbles are removed with a toothpick, and then refrigerated to condense.

7 finished chart.


In the cup, you can put some of your favorite fruits, then pour the boiled mixture, this is a cotton candy fruit pudding, and it tastes better.