"Hundreds of fragrant fruit, nutritional value must be said, it contains 17 kinds of amino acids, a variety of vitamins and carotenoids, as well as substances and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., isometrically vitamin C is Eight times the apple, the dimension of the dimension is 15 times that of the orange, can effectively improve the baby's immunity. The pudding made with the water bath method, there is no honeycomb, the mouth is delicate, smooth, the entrance is quite, sour is sweet The taste, I still want to eat again. "


Main material, 2 pieces of passion fruit, 110g of milk, 1 egg, accessories fine sugar 10g, milk flavor, roasted process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Popular practice steps

1 hundred and a fruit cut, dig the pulp with a small spoon.

2 Filter out 15 grams of passion fruit juice.

3 Paste an egg in the prepared paraquat juice.

4 Add white sugar.

5 After thoroughly stir well, add milk to stir well.

6 Filter out delicate pudding fluid, after the pudding is filtered, the steamed pudding is better, which can be filtered several times, so it is delicate.

7 Filtered a good pudding liquid and poured into the baking bowl.

8 Place the baking bowl in a baking tray with a third of the water. (This method is called a water bath method, which avoids the pudding baking process of honeycomb, and the baked pudding will be more tender). The oven is adjusted to the upper and lower fires 160 degrees, 40 minutes, remember to preheat in advance for ten minutes.

9 Grilled, take it out, then put it on the past.


No oven can be steamed with a steamer, water is bleed and put into steam for 15-20 minutes.