"For little children, the colorful pudding has a great attraction, and the outer packaging of Pudding usually has various additives and preservatives. In the spring season, it is easy to generate gastrointestinal problems for children. Diy Fruit pudding is simple and easy to play, just three steps, you can meet the child's mouth. You can also add a variety of fruits according to your child's preference, I chose strawberry fruit, sweet strawberry not only enhances appetite, it also With rich vitamin C, you can effectively alleviate "spring sleep", allowing children to keep energetic. "


Mango mango Pudding powder 25g, strawberry pudding 25g, excipient fruit, sour taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Fruit pudding practice steps

1 pudding powder was added to 150 g of 90 degrees of hot water and mix well.

2 mango and strawberry cut into small Ding.

3 Pour in the blending strawberry pudding solution, put the frost freezer for a while, then pour a layer of mango pudding solution to be solidified, according to its own preference, it is possible to make a layer of pudding. Solid, this kind of pudding is made this kind of pudding!

4 super Q plaques! Take some pudding special refreshing and horrific! ! !