"The bright red, the small and full body, soft juicy taste, a bit, don't mention more cord cords! If a strawberry can't cure, then TWO three four five ... 趁Today, the Queen's Day, grab the small tail of the strawberry season, use a lot of strawberries to make a sugar full of teenagers - Strawberry Yogurt Pudding. Sweet strawberry to make sauce, then fuse the mellow yogurt, eat a little bit Sweet. The outer layer and the surface of the pudding have been decorated with strawberry. It is already captured by the value. After taste a bite, it is full of happiness. Today, I will use this Desserts. "


The main strawberry 500g, light cream 200g, yogurt 300g, accessories Geely Tie 10g, sweet taste, mixing process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Strawberry pudding practice steps

1 Geely Dirty tablets in advance Ice water melting.

2 Strawberry cut into small pieces into the cooking machine to stir the strawberry sauce.

3 Light cream poured into a bowl to add 20g sugar powder, and use electric eggs to send light cream to 60% (light cream oil fluffy, there is a clear pattern)

4 Take out the gillyny slide in ice water into the bowl in a bowl to heat the water into a gillyine solution.

5 Punish light cream is added to yogurt and mix well.

6 Light cream and yogurt were mixed after adding a gillynous solution to rapidly mix.

7 Add strawberry sauce to stir.

8 Strawberry Sliced ​​onto the glass stickers to extrude the air, slowly pour the mixed pudding paste into the cup.


When the strawberry can be used to press the air, it will be better.