"Today, a super tender milk fragrance is shared. It is super simple. Just need to stir the material, sieve it, get it in minutes, novice is not pressure 喔! Favorite! "


Made of milk 250ml, light cream 250ml, excipient eggs, 90g of sugar, milk flavor, roasted process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Milk small pudding practice steps

1 Put the sugar scale first.

2 play milk and whipped cream in the egg tank.

3 Add sugar septum heating and stirring.

4 to sugar melting, then cool the milk to not hot.

5 Add eggs.

6 Stir well with a manual stirrer.

7 Mixed pudding liquid 2-3 times.

8 cover fillets are still an hour.

9 will pour the clipped pudding liquid into the mold, 8-9 points, plus warm water in the baking tray, not hot!

10 Fun to the preheated oven, lower layer, 165 degrees, 30-35 minutes until the pudding is completely solidified!

11 fragrant milk pudding is ready!

12 can't wait to eat one, so tender.

13 milk is full!

14 simple? Try it with you!


1. The water temperature injected into the baking tray should not be high, not hot! 2. Don't forget over the screen, so the finished product is more delicate.