"The Red Heart Flower fruit is the most beautiful fruit, especially suitable for Desserts because it is not much moisture, no sour, but also high, you can make the finished product more gorgeous. With pudding powder instead of fish rubber powder, better taste better It is also more expensive. Do a soft and slippery fruit pudding, whether it is adult or a child likes. The pudding model used is trunk. It only needs to use the toothpick to scratch around, you can easily demold. The shape is also good, the perfect pudding is like. "


Main material red heart dragon fruit 40g, pudding 20g, water 160g, excipient sugar 20g, sweet taste, freezing process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Dragon fruit pudding practice steps

1 Cut the red heart dragon fruit into a block, put it in the bottom of the pudding mold.

2 Pudding powder is added to sugar.

3 Add water, mix well to boil.

4 After mixing, sieve it.

5 a little a few minutes, poured into the pudding mold, and fell to a Half of the mold.

6 put some red heart dragon fruit.

7 Finally, the pudding liquid is finished, and after drying, put it into the refrigerator for an hour.

8 After the pudding is solidified, use a toothpick to scratch a circle around the mold, and the buckle can be released.


1. Be sieved. 2. You can use other fruits. 3. The mold used is the top 4 non-stick mold.