"Strawberry is about to go to the market, hurry to pay, buy it to do a variety of small desserts or strawberry sauce is right. QQ sugar is also a common presence of cats, it is actually a lot of use."


Significant strawberry 5, pure milk 120g, accessories QQ sugar 60g, other tastes, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Ultra-simple strawberry milk pudding step

1 Strawberry washing with salt water for a while, spare.

2 Parallel Half, one of which can be cut into small Ding.

3 small bowls were placed in QQ sugar and add a scoop of water into the steamer and slowly melted into water.

4 pure milk poured into a small bowl, QQ sugar was melted into a pink water because it was a strawberry flavor.

5 After cooling, add 120g of pure milk (I and Cotti Bully Bar) completely stir well, put grass berry and block in, and more, you can put a little less.

6 After the refrigerator is slightly cooled, you can eat it, you can eat it, I have a little bit of frozen.

7 I do what I think that the spike is soft ice cream.