"Eliminate the good way of whipped cream, this pudding is very delicious, thick milk, slide, let people can't help but pick up a mouthful, eat and consider weight loss."


Caramel white sugar 150g, cold water 50g, hot water 40g, pudding eggs, milk 300g, whipped cream 400g, sugar 60g, sweet flavor, roasted process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Caramel Grilled Pudding Pudding Procedure

1 put 150 grams of sugar and 50 grams of cold water into the milk pan, boiled to brown (Caramel), the whole process cannot stir, can only gestically shake the pot, make it uniform. The sugar is removed from the fire.

2 Pour 40 grams of hot water, slider to sugar solubilization. (Hot water is poured to be careful, preventing sugar water from splashing out. Hot water poured into sugar will be a bit solidified, and shake shake will dissolve.)

3 The fire will boil the sugar to boil, leave the fire, stand it.

4 standstrap, the bubble has disappeared.

5 Pour the hot-resistant pudding cup in hot. (Be sure to heat up, cold will be solidified.)

6 doing pudding. Stir the sugar and milk, and sugar solubilizes.

7 is mixed with eggs.

8 pour it into the oil and mix well,

9 Take the thread of the pudding. (Be sieved, this is the key to slipping.)

10 After the screen is sieved three times.

11 Pour into the pudding cup, 9 points, just 8 cups.

12 Repair tin foil paper.

13 In the baking tray, the baking tray poured into boiling water, about 2 cm.

14 Put the preheated oven, the middle and lower layers, 320F / 160C to bake for 40 minutes, turn 10 minutes. (The size of each oven is different, temperature and time should be adjusted according to their own spleen.)

15 After taking it out, put the refrigerator for more than 3 hours, more than 3 hours.

16 super smooth taste, thick milk flavor. (This is the baked cool after cooling, it will be slightly thickered after the refrigeration.)

17 Refrigerated a night, eat with the caramel under the bottom, beautiful.