"Pudding is a traditional Food in the UK. It is a pudding made from the egg, flour and milk, which is used in ancient" cloth "that has been used to express a bloody intestine.The practice taught today Tan Rui teacher made of Pudding delicious and easy to use easy to operate the kitchen, you can easily get it easy to wait for what? "


Made of milk 250ml, egg 2, sugar 30g, excipient vanilla 3 drops, sweet taste, roasted process, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Original pudding practice steps

1 egg is dispersed, add sugar and stir evenly.

2 milk is poured into the pot, put in vanilla, cook to 80 °.

3 Pour the milk into the egg liquid, stir, mix, mix the egg liquid to sieve after mixing.

4 Pour the egg liquid into the bowl and cover tin paper surface.Put 1-2 cm in the baking tray, 160 ° in the oven for 40 minutes.After being refrigerated, you will be better!

5 incense and smooth and delicious!Try it yourself.