"The neighbor's sugar cane, gave me 3, used to cook the sugar cane water, sweet and fire."


Significant green sugar cane 2, Luo Han Guo 1

Practice for cane Ran

1 green sugar cane is clean.

2 strip.(The worse, the better, it is easy to taste.)

3 Maogen wash, bubble 15-30 minutes.

4 Luo Han Guo rinsed over, knocking, squatting.(I am more boiled, so put 1, if the amount can be placed in HALF.)

5 Add all materials into the soup pot, add water.(You can cook more at a time, put the refrigerator after cool, you can drink 2-3 days.)

6 The fire is boiled, and you can turn a small fire for 30-40 minutes.

7 sweet and sweet.(Drink after heaven, drink, cool down fire)