"Children who love the gourmet food yesterday, she took some home peaches, fresh ubiquitous, but the children love to eat peach cans, or do their own, nutritious health, no preservatives, taste can be comparable to it."


Sign in fresh peaches, accessories Wolfberry mode,


The right amount of rock sugar, 1 large bowl of water, a little salt, sour taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Sugar peach practice steps

1 Fresh peaches was cleaned with brine.

2 Remove into a roll block.

3 Prepare the rock sugar and Wolfberry, Wolfberry is cleaned with water.

4 Put the cut peach block and rock sugar into the pot.

5 Add a bowl of water, boil the fire, boil for 8 minutes.

6 peaches are cooked so that transparencies will be washed in the water.

7 turned.

8 finished graph.


After the water is opened, the fire will be cooked into transparent colors.