"Mung beans are the first choice for the people in summer. Mung bean plus 苓 boiled water, the diet is very good, add some rock sugar, both increase nutrition and efficacy, better taste."


Main material mung beans 100g, 苓 mode, accessories, rock sugar, sweet flavor, craft, three times, simple difficulty,

Patient green peas and sugar water practice steps

1 mung bean is clean.

2 苓 is cleaned slightly.

3 mung beans are put on the rice cooker.

4 苓 is placed in a rice cooker.

5 Add appropriate amount of water, put the liner into the rice cooker.

6 cooked and discharged, the addition of rock sugar stir into the melting of the rock sugar.

7 will be enjoyed.


No or no use amount is based on personal taste.