"The cherries sent by others, the refrigerator TWO has not been finished for a week. I am afraid that I will cook it into a cherry can. The refrigerator is frozen. When the summer vacation, the young grandfather came back to eat. I have a hot."


Main material cherry 1200g, excipient pure water 400g,


100 pieces of rock sugar, lemon HALF, sour taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice for cherry can

1 Take big cherries.

2 Wash, pick up the handle.

3 cut lemon.

4 cherry rock sugar, then use it to crush the lemon.

5 Pure water.

6 Cook to the solubilization of rock sugar.

7 turned.

8 loading containers.

9 Refrigerator frozen.

10 I enjoy a hot cuisine directly.


It can be placed in the container so water, and then cover the cover and put the refrigerator.