"I recommend a very simple nourishing beauty beauty and weight loss soup, often drink skin moisturizing, can also lose fat, people are slim, people also do it together!"


Ingredients Apple, freshly frozen cranberry, accessories, cheapest, sour taste, boiled process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for cranberry rock candy apple soup

1 Prepare the ingredients, 1 apple, freezing and clean, rock sugar, according to your favorite taste.

2 Apple is cleared, and apple skin is very nutritious..

3 soup pot to add the right amount of pure water, add apple, boil, and boil to the apple in small fire.

4 Add cranberry, boil, and boil in small and medium fire.

5 Add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and the amount of rock sugar increases with the personal preferences.

6 Cook to the soft cranberry paste to the apple, see this color is more beautiful.

7 out.