"Heat heat and heats, moisten the lungs, the summer must."


The main amount of green beans is appropriate, the excipient fresh lily 2,


Rock sugar, original taste, boiled process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Mung bean lily sugar water practice steps

1 Cooking pot to add a sufficient amount of water to boil, put the right amount of green beans, and boil.

2 lily to cut the root, throw away the outer endless part, under the piece, clean it.

3 Take a green bean to make blossom, cook, put in lily, rock sugar, and then cook for about 5 minutes.

4 After cool, put the refrigerator and refrigerate, and the taste is better.

5 finished products.Summer must.

6 finished products.


1. There is a sediment with a lily, and it is cleaned, otherwise it will affect the taste.2. Rock sugar can be available.