"Simple Single Stripping Sugar, It is necessary to heat."


The main amount of green beans, the right amount of lotus seed, the amount of lily, the applied water, etc.


Honey, sweet flavor, boiled process, three times, simple difficulty,

Mung bean lotus lily Sugar practice steps

1 Preparation of ingredients.

2 Mung bean lotus lily is rinsed with water, because I use high pressure pot, so I don't have to be soaked.

3 After the ingredient is rinsed, put it into the high pressure pan, add drinking water, and the height of water is about a higher finger.

4 high-pressure cookers are hit by hot and boil for 40 minutes, and the fire is left, and the beans have been soft.

5 Shengyi bowl, add the right amount of honey according to the taste of the taste, mix well.

6 finished products.