"In the hot summer, a bowl of ice-cold cool summer heats will make people feel refreshed. With the fire, the lotus lilies with red beans, etc., do a pot especially suitable for summer sugar water, refrigerator refrigerated after ice ice Cool, drink a bowl of summer gas. I use a wide range of soup sugar water boxes, very convenient. "


Suggested soup of the soup 1 box, 4 excipients, 4 red dates,


The right amount of rock sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, three times when consumption, simple difficulty,

Lily lotus seed red bean sugar water practice steps

1 festival soup sugar water box, there are lotus seeds, lily, white fungus, red beans and a small piece of tangerine.

2 The silver ear is 20 minutes ahead of water.

3 Bubbles of the silver fungus, TWO blocks are the TWO variety, respectively, a piece of snow, a lull ear.

4 Remove the silver ear of the bubble to wash.

5 lotus lily wash.

6 red beans are placed in the pot and add the right amount of water.

7 Put in lotus lily and tangerine.

8 put a few red dates.

9 In the hot boiled, cook for 15 minutes, then put the rock sugar.

10 Continue to boil for about 30 minutes, then cover the cover for about 15 minutes after turning off the fire.


A box of 4-5 people, if people can use a Half amount.