The main amount of Western Mi, the amount of sauce, 1 mango, 1 dragon fruit,


Sugar amount, coconut milk 1 vial, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Western Miocyan Water Practice Steps

1 Cook a sugar water, boiled, open sugar, and the sugar is cooled and fell out, and then put the refrigerator ice.

2 cooked Simi.

3 Western rice is boiled, and there is a cool water, put it in your bowl.

4 Cooked the round, the sauce is cooked, and it is also necessary to use cold water.

5 Chopped mango dragon fruit (you can also put your favorite fruit).

In the 6 basins, poured into the Western Mango Mango Dragon Fruit, a bottle of coconut milk.

7 Remove the ice of the ice into the stirring.

8 Summer must.