"Yam has the effect of helping the spleen and stomach, surviving, kidney kidney, the role is eased, no cold, the gas is not stagnant, nourishing the yin without tired, flattening Sanjiao. Yam has crisp hills from the taste, face the mountain medicine, Crisp hills are generally used to be vegetable. Today, this sweet soup is ignorant, marinated with rock sugar, and then adds ice, cold and delicate. Add yellow, green, red fruit embellishment, color, color, The soup is clear, visually gives people a great enjoyment. "


Significant crisp honey medicine 600 grams, 1 large scoop of auxiliary rice vinegar (15 ml), the right amount of fruit (dotted),


Garbew garden old and earthquis 140 grams, sweet taste, baking process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice of rock sugar horn

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 Yam was washed after shaking, cutting the skin, the yam juice is allergic, with good gloves.

3 Slices, each thickness of about 0.5 cm. Cut the nice shape with cookies, such as troubles and waste, can also do not shape.

4 Chopped yam pieces are immersed in water, and rice vinegar is oxidized, and it can also use white vinegar or lemon juice.

5 fire boiled and boiled for 1 minute. Fishing into the cool boiling water.

6 take 140 grams of rock sugar to add 300 to 500 grams of water cooked.

7 The rock sugar is poured into the glass bowl, impregnated the cooked yam into the rock sugar, dotted the fruit pieces, refrigerated for more than 1 hour.

8 My pink is to take the juice in the rice in the figure, and then immersed the mountain pill in the rice sci-juice, and the yam is dyed into pink, and can also use the fire dragon juice. However, I also recommend using red fruit as watermelon, because the time is long, and the red yam film will also red sugar water.

9 This sweet soup, ice is cool, sweet and delicious, very suitable for summer.


1 Yam, I chose crisp hills, more refreshing. Crisp hills are more strong, if you don't understand, you can ask the owner. 2 color embellishment fruit, yellow is cantaloupe, green is a grateful fruit, red is a yam piece with red rice lema. 3 Red Rice Leapily, you can get red juice, soak the mountain pill for about 1 hour, add the rock sugar water to dry the surface with the kitchen paper towel. However, after a long time, the oil is still being reddish. 4 Ice Town is better.