"These days have been raining, selling peaches, hiking, looking at the rain, buying a good peach, holding home, going home, broken 3. Avoiding the remaining there is also broken,Give it a sugar peach. Refrigerate refrigerate, you can save more time. "


Neighbor to peach, the amount of pure water of the accessories,


Rock sugar 50g, perfume lemon small, yellow lemon HALF, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practice step of oil peach can

1 is washed.

2 Remove small pieces.

3 perfume lemon cuts.

4 yellow lemon cuts HALF, decline.

Pure water in the 5 pot, the juice of the yellow lemon squeezed into the water.

6 put all the remaining ingredients.

7 fire cook until the soup is viscous.

8 canned in the bottle.

9 finished products.

10 finished products.


It is better to eat cold.