"The most famous of the Fei City is the Buddha, which looks like Buddha's laundering date before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is not yet listed. I don't know if the local people get out of the variety.Peach can head. "


Three main materials, the amount of pure water of the accessories,


Rock sugar 50g, lemon HALF, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for pink tao

1 Feicheng peach.

2 wash it.

3 peel, put it in the pan.

4 peaches alone.

Add water and rock sugar in the pot.

6 peach cutting sheet.

7 Lemon washed clean, go to seed.

8 peaches in the pot, squeeze into the lemon juice.

9 Cook until the rock sugar is dissolved.

10 Cook for 5 to 8 minutes.

11 get out of the peach.

12 get out of peach skin.

13 as long as the water of the peaches.

14 juice is placed in the peaches.

15 This is hot.

16 Refrigerator for a few hours.

17 finished products.