"Rock candy Wolfberry stewed Sydney is a must-have to maintain the sugar water for the fall of the fall, more than nutritious, and the sweet and humid mouth, Sydney and rock sugar fuse together Super taste super wonderful, faint, sweet, sweet Greasy, let people feel the feeling of drinking. Today, I will share my tutorial to everyone. "


Master Sydney, accessories Wolfberry5,


3 rock sugar, sweet taste, stewed process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Rock sugar Wolfberry stewed Syrid Sugar Practice Steps

1 Prepare one of Sydney, 2-3 of the rock sugar, Wolfberry is appropriately used.

2 Sydney cut in three points, remember that the head should not be too much, otherwise the snow pear is waiting for the hole.

3 When you dig, you should pay attention to too deep, because the concave in the snow pear is more than the concave, I will dig the bottom at the beginning, I can't use it, so everyone should pay too deep when you dig too much.

4 Put the Sydney Elephant I just dig into the Sydney Cave, you can don't matter if you can cut.

5 Add 2-3 rock sugar! I put 4 a little sweet here, but it is not very sweet. Personal suggestions still put three left and right sweetness, but specifically look at personal sweetness, plus wolfberry.

6 Then add the appropriate amount of mineral water cooker to steam for about 1 hour or so. (You can also use water, but I personally feel that it is better to drink with mineral water, better taste)

7 bowls of high-quality clear heat coughing, phlegm

8. Okay ~ Today's food tutorials are here ~ I am a tidal 97 romance, this is my personal food practice, don't like to spray, wounded in the June cold, a good words, three winter, if you have What good food practice is welcome to learn from each other, thank you for your support and recognition, if you like it, you can pay attention to me. If you are fine, I will continue to update the simple home. I will share with you.