"Yesterday, it was cold. The tears did not say, the whole body did not hurt the joint. I plan to cook brown sugar ginger water to drink, in order to never the heat of ginger ginger water, add lotus root. The lotus root has the role of heat and cooling blood, can be usedAuxiliary treatment of various thermal disorders. The lotus root is rich in vitamin K, with hemostasis, lotus root soup has a certain blood effect, and nutritious and easy to digestive absorption. If it is not a cold person, don't let ginger. "


Main material lotus root is appropriate, 2 peanuts, old brown sugar amount, accessories pure water mode,


Ginger amount, other taste, stewing process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Peanut lotus gland gland

1 lotus root peel washing.

2 tangee.

3 ginger to wash.

4 cutting.

5 Peanuts is washed, add pure water in the pot, and put the root.

6 taking old red sugar.

7 in the pot.

8 Select stewed stew.

9 stewed soup.

10 disc.

11 finished products.